Arena Construction

The construction of an arena is important  as it allows the surface to perform at its best, with less upkeep and high durability. One of our experienced staff members will visit your site to carry out a full survey, as well as discuss your needs, so we can offer our expert advice on both your arena construction and choice of surface. We’ll check everything from ground conditions to drainage.

Some factors to consider when constructing an arena:

  • Climate – hot, cold, annual rainfall (rain experienced),wind etc.
  • Available materials
  • Discipline – Showjumping. Dressage, Mounted games, Reining?
  • Competition surface or training surface?
  • How many horses are going to use it?
  • What level of competition are you catering for?
  • Do you need to retain moisture or get rid of moisture?
  • How easy is it to water the arena?
  • Do you have the correct maintenance equipment for the type of surface chosen?
  • For the chosen surface, are materials readily available in your area?
  • Have all the materials been properly tested?
  • Does your chosen contractor have specific industry experience and back up?