A polypropylene fibre that provides a root structure within the surface. It is designed to replicate turf; providing stability and energy return, which allows the horse to work on top of the surface rather than through it. The cushioning effect that the fibre creates, minimizes concussion related injuries. This additive is a cost-effective way to improve your existing arena.


Eque-Fibre W

This is a white synthetic fibre commonly used in training yards or where a particular aesthetic feel is required as an alternative to Eque-Fibre.

Eque-Fibre W - Copy

PVC Granules

This is a traditional additive which is still popular in certain equestrian disciplines.

PVC Granules-01
Arena Additives


This product is a stabilising additive that improves the stability of loose sand. The quantity required is dependent on the condition of your arena surface and will be recommended by our technical department.

Dust Control Additive

This is polymer added to reduce dust and water demand by binding the finer particles of the arena surface.